About Exzbit

Exzbit — a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platform for exhibitions, conventions and trade shows to create white-label digital event marketplaces — is Arcadier's response to the growing demand of complementary online solutions for the MICE industry.

65% of exhibition companies have already added digital services and products (like apps, digital advertising and digital signage) around existing exhibitions. Furthermore, 55% have changed internal processes and workflows in their company to digital processes. It's time you do too.

Challenges faced

Venue Operators
  • Competitive industry for finite events annually
  • Smaller venues unable to secure bigger exhibitions
  • Unable to differentiate from other venue providers
Event Organizers
  • Adding Value in a highly competitive arena
  • Revenue is limited by the physical space
  • High fixed cost and high risk
  • High cost for booth space & advertising
  • Difficulty in tracking leads
  • Finding sufficient manpower
  • Fatigue from finding vendors
  • Unable to attend event for reasons
  • Difficulty in tracking leads

How we help

Venue Operators
  • Value add offering to event organisers
  • Bringing exhibition online requires less space
  • Bundle Exzbit as part of a package deal
Event Organizers
  • Increase reach with online sales channel
  • Increase revenue from commissions
  • Affordable and competitive pricing
  • Greater exposure of profile and products
  • Easy tracking for leads and sales
  • Lower costs & manpower required
  • Easy viewing of products and exhibitors
  • Convenient purchasing & not as tiring
  • Easy comparison of all the products

Our Solution

As the MICE industry changes and ‘hybrid events’ that couple physical with virtual become more prevalent, easy and affordable services are needed by everyone, whether you’re an event organiser, exhibitioner or attendee.

Exzbit is a turnkey solution that easily incorporates e-commerce into exhibitions, conventions and trade shows. It is a straightforward and affordable platform that complements any physical event and allows event organisers, exhibitors and attendees to engage with each other before, during and after events through the creation of a virtual marketplace.

‘Why a virtual marketplace?’ you may ask. Well, what is a trade show, convention or exhibition other than a physical marketplace? Each booth/exhibitor/vendor is a seller/merchant hoping to sell their goods. Every attendee/visitor is a buyer hoping to purchase something. Each event is a marketplace that facilitates sellers and buyers to meet, engage and transact with each other.

Discover how Exzbit can help you bring your offline event online.