Our Features

Exzbit's extensive features help make building your virtual marketplace hassle-free, while enhancing the experience of your exhibitors and attendees.


Add advertising banners on to your marketplace homepage and even link them to items or seller storefronts.

Sponsors Feature

Gain the ability to showcase your sponsors onto your marketplace. With the ability to link to their websites via their logos.

Private Marketplace

You can choose to make your marketplace private. This means you can approve or invite exhibitors and attendees


Our language features allow you to translate and edit the content on your marketplace to different languages of your choice.


Enables buyers and merchants to seamlessly transact on the event grounds immediately with the payment options they have set up. Unlimited downloads. COD available.


Exhibitors and attendees can easily communicate via Exzbit's built-in chat application

Social Login

Users on your marketplace can register and sign in with their Facebook and Google accounts.


Stripe and PayPal are already preintegrated into your marketplace, but you can deactivate them and integrate your own payment processors too.

Admin Portal

A marketplace admin can manage users and make additions and customizations to the marketplace through the powerful admin dashboard.

Exhibitor Portal

Marketplace exhibitors can view and manage orders and add new listings through the powerful merchant dashboard.


Both the admin and merchant dashboard shows the most viewed items, total sales/revenue in numbers and through a graphical representation. The admin portal also allows you to integrate your Google Analytics account.

Mobile-Responsive Design

You marketplace is designed to look great on desktop, mobile or tablet.


Basic SEO support is provided. Arcadier Marketplaces allow you to enter your own SEO title and meta description, and submit your sitemap to Google Webmaster.

Custom Domain

Your marketplace is assigned an domain name that looks like this: yourexhibition.arcadier.io, But we enable you to connect your own custom domain and create a landing page too.

Ratings & Reviews

Allow attendees and buyers to rate and review exhibitioners using the built-in review system. Not only does it help in determining high quality products, it also creates accountability and ensures quality control on products and services.

Our Secret Sauce

Exzibt is Arcadier’s ecommerce solution specifically for the events, tradeshow and exhibition industry.

Arcadier is a world leader in bringing online marketplaces to life, powering over 2,500 online marketplaces.

We take care of the technology so you can focus on your business.