1200 USD

per event


(365 days)

600 USD

per month
Assistance in setting up the marketplace and home page
(Subject to 2 working days of consultation)
  • Unlimited users, listings, storage & transactions
  • No transaction fee* (special promotional offer+)
  • Unlimited use of POS app (worth $199)
  • Customisable & unlimited panels on homepage
  • Custom code editor (e.g. change colour, layout and add widgets)
  • Multi-lingual & multi-currency
  • Onboarding & online trouble shooting services
  • 1-time mass exhibitor profile & collection upload
  • Access to our APIs
  • Templated theme library access

(Option to earn commission revenue per transaction#)


Full customisation
  • All services included in the off-the-shelf offering
  • Fully customised and tailored marketplace
  • Full support in setting up and user testing of your marketplace
Pricing to be


Additional services
that are available
(Price upon request)
  • Additional language(s)
  • Additional SSL layers
  • Domain
    (Price dependant on site name)
  • Further web design & customisation
  • Accounts settlement & reconciliation
  • Exhibitor platform support
  • Customer service support
Pricing to be

* Payment processor fees apply. Please check with your relevant Payment Processor(s) for more information.

+ For a limited time period, Exzbit will be offering its SaaS services without commission fee charges for transactions carried out on its platform.

# Trade show organiser could choose to charge a commission for all transactions occurring on the platform for added revenue stream.

Enterprise Build

For those who desire your own fully customized look and feel of a trade show marketplace, we have the enterprise package for you. You still have complete access to all of Exzbit’s features but have an even more hands-on team that will help build integrations and customise the experience of your marketplace. Price is based on needs and consultation.

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